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Special Education

Our Teachers

Our Special Education teachers are experienced in teaching students with additional needs. Our staff regularly attend professional development specific to the needs of the students in their classroom. Our Special Education teachers make working with parents/ caregivers a priority, as we know that student success is enhanced through creating a collaborative team to support student learning that includes parents, teachers and supporting agencies, if necessary. 

Our Classrooms

We provide specialist and intensive support for students with additional needs

• Four dedicated classrooms to support students.

• Smaller class sizes with modifications and adjustments to meet the  individual needs of students. 

• Student Learning Support Officers (SLSOs) in each classroom. 

• We cater for additional learning needs including intellectual disability, mental health disorder, autism spectrum disorder, physical disability, sensory impairment and students with learning difficulties or behaviour disorders.

Our four Special Education classrooms include an IM class, and three MC classrooms. Our classrooms have a Special Education Teacher, an SLSO and have a limited number of students creating a smaller and more supportive classroom environment. The MC classrooms have their own toilet, shower and laundry that our students have access to. 

Our IM and MC classrooms also allow students to take responsibility in their learning journey and decide on a classroom setting that suits their learning needs. This means, students may choose to attend mainstream classes/subjects or stay in the support class full-time. 

Our Mission

• Our mission is to provide a high quality education to students with additional needs by making adjustments and modifications specific to each student’s individual learning needs. 

• Parents, students and teachers work closely together to create a learning plan that ensures each student is given the best opportunity for success. 

• We aim to deliver innovative learning opportunities that equip students with the necessary skills to finish school and transition successfully into the wider community.

Transition Programs

The transition from primary to secondary school life can be a stressful and anxious time for any Year 6 student. 

At Gunnedah High School students with identified disabilities students are able to attend the normal Year 7 transition days as well as engage in extra transition days to assist students in this transition and giving students more chance for success. 

Our Special Education faculty, including our Learning Support Team, will work closely with parents and primary school staff to provide adjustments and modifications to help students have a positive transition into high school. 

For senior students, we work closely with the Department of Education Transition Support eacher to develop Individual Transition Plans for students in Years 11 and 12, as well as students in Year 10 wanting to leave school and gain employment. This plan is to support students into their life post school and may include linking students with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), other external agencies or supporting students in work experience. 

Accessing a Support Class

Applications for placement are through the Access Request process. An Access Request is usually arranged by the learning and support team at the local public school, but can also be organised through the local Educational Services team if a child is not yet enrolled. Local teams can be contacted on 131 536 and calls can be made from anywhere in NSW.

Sarah Stewart
Special Education, Head Teacher
Phone: 6742 0155