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Health care forms

Below are the links for each of the health care plans for students at Gunnedah High School. Each is a template of the blank form to be filled in by the parent/ guardian and where necessary the health care provider. Click on the link to the required plan and it will open on your computer so that it may printed.

Asthma, Anaphylaxis (EpiPen users) and allergy forms should be signed by the student's doctor and updated once every 12 months.

The health care form should be used to notify / update information on any other health issues such as diabetes, vision difficulties or hearing loss.

If any medication needs to be administered at school then the admin prescribed meds form needs to be completed and brought to the office at Gunnedah High School along with the medication.

Administration of Prescribed Medication

ASCIA Action Plan Anaphylaxis EpiPen Red

ASCIA First Aid Anaphylaxis EpiPen Orange

ASCIA Action Plan Allergic Reactions Green

Asthma Care Plan

Individual Health Care Plan